Protection Against Copyright & Trademark

This Site is Mainly Designed for the people who Don't know what is copyright & Trademark law.


Today, with technology scaling greater heights and new product and services coming to the fore Everyday, There is every chance of the same being replicated. Thus to make enforcements of intellectual property right a necessity to establish market dominance, legal and technical knowledge becomes very important.

             The relaxation on tariff barriers has increased the flow of foreign goods into the Indian Market, in turn has intensified competition apart from delivering qualitative products and services it also becomes necessary to protect innovations through appropriate intellectual property rights tools bringing healthy competitiveness into the global market.


            Piracy has become a major problem due to rapid advances in technology and the recent liberalization of the Indian economy which has resulted in the Indian market being flooded with various multinational brands, This has created as ideal opportunity for people trying to misuse existing brand values, that have been cultivated and nurtured by companies over the years and it has assumed alarming proportions all over the country.

Most countries are trying to meet this challenge by taking stringent legislative and enforcement me assures. The main objective of a ‘pirate’ is to make a quick buck and avoid payment of loyalties. This use of brand image leads to losses that amount to crores of rupees, which is borne bye he enterprises and the government,

AVERT & VANGUARD …. Adds a new dimension to the antipiracy industry with the capability to combat and curb this evil in the society