Protection Against Copyright & Trademark

Who are AVERT & VANGUARD……..?

AVERT & VANGUARD…... Is investigating agency, specifically developed and specializing in anti-piracy and counterfeiting solutions. We specialize in the field of combating the growing menace of counterfeit goods and products by offering services such as IPR (Intellectual property rights) Investigations, grey marketing evaluations, pretext purchase, Litigation support and multi jurisdictional raid actions.


A team of eminent and experienced personal in matters relating to enforcement in various public and government sectors have come together and encouraged AVERT & VANGUARD.

 We at AVERT & VANGUARD…. aim to put India’s excellent copyright and intellectual property right law to good use, for the benefit of the manufactures, artists, creative thinker and the nation of India or a whole.

Bridge the gap between having knowledge of and the implementation of legislations pertaining to copyrights, patents or trademark rights.

   We firmly believe and enclose the old edge prevention is better than cure.